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I’m Jen, of All-Agog, and I am passionate about textiles and upcycling. 

I repurpose plastic taster glasses that are destined for the rubbish bin and turn them into mini lampshades on a string of fairy lights.  My glasses are donated from other local businesses including apple juice makers, wineries and cider makers who would prefer their plastic to stay out of landfill.  I also make embellished lavender-filled bunting and use leftover fabric to make hair accessories and flower brooches – waste not, want not!   

If you’re wondering where the name comes from, it packs a triple whammy – as it is a synonym of my surname (Keen), it means 'in high spirits', and also refers to my hailing from North Wales – and so am all 'a Gog' – a colloquialism derived from the Welsh ‘Gogledd’, meaning North.

I do custom lights to order too, and can even use your own special fabric, so please contact me if you would like a particular colour combination, length or fabric.

Find products from All Agog in store at Cotswold Glass and Crafts, Burford.

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