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Goosey Glass was founded by Alison Curtis in 2014 in the quaint village of Goosey, Oxfordshire. Alison is a predominantly self-taught glass artist and has a passion for the craft. She has loved working with glass as a medium from the very start!


Alison started her business from a hobby. After taking a few short courses to learn the basics and speaking to a friend who had been involved with the material for many years; Alison explored glass and its potential for herself. Developing her skills on her own through experimentation and many cuts to her fingers, Alison started with the goal of purchasing her own kiln. Goosey Glass soon developed a loyal following and Alison started selling her glass art and homewares at numerous, well-known markets and shows across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and the Cotswolds. She especially loved taking part in shows at Blenheim Palace, Burford and the Newbury Show. As her business grew and her creations became more popular, Alison expanded her business and now has a purpose-built, home studio in her garden with two kilns!


From memories at the seaside with her father, to watching the local wildlife from her mother's farm at a young age; inspiration takes its shape from many areas for Alison. Not only this but glass, as a material is incredibly challenging and beautiful to work with. This challenge also provides inspiration and Alison loves being able to give her creations character with her eye for detail. Sourcing only from the very best supplier who has helped her through years, Alison uses mainly Bullseye-fusing glass to create her art. She loves the texture, colours and the ability to experiment with this type of glass - so far, there have been no limitations!

Art and Creations

Goosey Glass is particularly well-known for it’s stunning Christmas decorations. A range that has grown and evolved over the years. The Christmas collection is uniquely detailed and products span from simple and fun tree decorations to elaborate pieces of Christmas art and Nativity scenes. The products don’t just stop at Christmas, Alison loves creating seaside and ocean art pieces, animal sculptures and homewares such as bowls, coasters and candle holders. Visit Cotswold Glass and Crafts to see the full range of Goosey Glass’s art and meet the creator.

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