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Some people seem to know exactly what their career path will be. Others end up developing a passion and finding their path in a more organic way; enjoying the process of discovering what is really important to them and what makes them happy before wondering if they can do this every day and actually make a living out of it.

The owner and candle maker at Littlemore Candle Company, Molly, began her venture by making handmade gifts for friends and family. She found enjoyment in the therapeutic effects of pouring hot wax into glass jars and the romantic alchemy of blending different essential oils and fragrances to find the ideal mix and perfect scent. Supported and encouraged by her mum, Yvonne, Molly switched from hobbiest to entreprueneur, setting up Littlemore Candle Company in 2018.

Knowing that there are many different brands for people to choose from when it comes to buying a candle, Molly wanted her creations to stand out from the competition, both in terms of the unique finish and the ethical and sustainable production process.

Six things to love about Littlemore Candle Company

The Wax

Avoiding petroleum-based paraffin wax, Littlemore Candle Company makes their candles in small batches from 100% soy wax. This wax is derived from soya beans and is the ideal, plant-based alternative. Not only is it a more sustainable option, but the wax burns longer and more cleanly, providing a more efficient and more eco-friendly way to enjoy candles and their beautiful scent.

The Crystals

Each of the candles in the Littlemore range is decorated with a specially selected crystal. The properties of the crystals wonderfully compliment the fragrance.

The Essential Oils & Ethically Sourced Fragrances

These beautiful candles are made with specially blended essential oils and delightful fragrances.

The Eco-Friendly Sparkle

The sparkle not only looks gorgeous sprinkled on the top of the unlit candles; it looks amazing suspended in the hot liquid was when burning.

The Hand-Harvested Botanicals

With the Oxfordshire countryside as our home and stomping ground, taking inspiration from our roots is hugely important to Littlemore Candle Company. While the crystals and essential oils have often reached us as part of their own adventure, we hand-harvest our botanical elements from the hedgerows that surround our rural home.

The Charity Partnerships

Wherever possible, we like to link up with charities that not only hold a special place in our hearts, but have an eco focus. These causes often bring positive change and support to the natural world.